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The Ruthless: Issue Two

Written by Super User. Posted in Comic Categories

Length: 11 pages
Theme : Horror / Tickle Torture
Format :Color interiors
Pencils :Octographics.net
Inks :Octographics.net
Scriptwriter :Oblesklk
Director :Oblesklk / Dave2112
E - Copy
This is an electronic comic book, available to download immediately after an approved purchase! The download comes in the form of a .zip file that needs to be unzipped to view the image files inside.
Cover Price: $12.95
Written by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here is the long awaited sequel to the first issue of The Ruthless. It has taken us nearly two years in production, but we are very happy with the results.

This issue continues the story of Stacia Walton's obsessive search for The Ruthless. Her search led to her eventual kidnapping by the villain in issue one. Now in therapy to deal with the trauma, her new psychologist Doctor Collins has taken over where Stacia's obsession left off. Convinced that she can figure out the mysteries of what The Ruthless really is, Doctor Collins will not stop until she finds the truth.

really enjoyed this issue a lot. I think the action is good, the artwork is a fantastic interpretation of our vision, and we hope our readers will enjoy the direction this story is taking.

This issue has broken another record here at Agency Publishing for most tickling content of any publication to date.

The Ruthless: Issue Two

Stacia Walton lived through a horrifying ordeal with the tickle torturing villain known only as "The Ruthless."

After seeking therapy to cope with her ordeal, her psychologist Doctor Collins began an obsessive search for the same villain that Stacia was seeking for so many months.

Convinced "The Ruthless" is a supernatural being of some sort, Doctor Collins will stop at nothing to find her answers.

But she will find some questions are very dangerous to answer.

The Ruthless

A brand new comic universe brought to you by Agency Publishing. This series features the darker, more torturous side of tickling in comic book form. The series takes place in modern day America, and stars a famous redheaded reporter Stacia Walton that has been obsessed with finding the phantom responsible for terrorizing the citizens of Bay City. What does "The Ruthless" want, and to what lengths will it go to achieve its fiendish goals?


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